educate, prevent sexual assault, and help victims

Sage C. , Chandana M. , Keitaya T. , Ellen O.

This website was created as a final project at Twitter Seattle. The website is divided into two parts, the education side and the help side. The education side informs people about what rape is and this page has resources that not only show magnitude of rape, but also resources that teach people how to help someone who has experienced sexual assault. The help side includes, resources to help victims, an immediate help page with emergency contact information, and long-term help page.

We believe that conventional society does not properly address the problem of rape. This leads to people being uncomfortable and misinformed about the topic.

We are addressing this problem by having information available for anyone who want to learn more about sexual assault. We are also providing resources for people who are sexual assault victims.

HTML was a completely new language for all the team members. We found that building this website was an interesting experience. Although we were simultaneously learning and implementing our skills into the website, we persevered.

"Thoughtfully and sensitively designed." - Mira Li

Ellen, Sage, Keitaya and Chandana met at Girls Who Code Immersion program (@Twitter Seattle 2017). They decided to use their love of coding to raise awareness about sexual assault and help guide victims of it. This is their final project.

Special thanks to our mentors, Kayla, Jorden and Mira. Also thanks to the Twitter staff and to the Girls Who Code Program who helped make this project possible.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Twitter (Boston).