An alert is just a text message away

Leslie E, Maya M, Maite R, Nat S

The Heart Alert was created with the intention of having help within your reach, designed specifically for anyone with heart disease. Anyone who wears the bracelet can make an account within our website and set up a list of emergency contacts that can be reached with the touch of a button. This bracelet sends an automatic signal whenever a person's heart rate becomes dangerously low or high. They also have the option to send the message manually if wanted. Along with the message, comes a GPS location to make it easier to send help when needed.

Every minute a heart fatality occurs, and every 34 seconds someone has a heart attack. Having a loved one or close friend that suffers or has a high risk of a heart attack is a constant worry. We wanted to create a device that could warn family members of an impending problem involving their loved one with a heart condition.

We are using an Arduino Uno and a Pulse Sensor to read the wearer's heart rate and communicate that to a Python script. The script, using a messenger-based program, sends a text if the user's heart rate is too high or low. Also, there are two buttons that can send messages if the user wants help.

We had difficulty linking the different parts of our project together. Each individual component was a minor challenge compared to putting it all together into one cohesive product. We overcame this through strong communication and lots of working together, as well as lots of learning from a variety of sources.

"It's snazzy"
-Delphine L

We are a group of four rising juniors and seniors at the Girls Who Code in Groupon, Seattle. The idea for the medical bracelet was our way of seeing how we can help our community through an important aspect. We started out thinking about having the bracelet exclusively for those who have epilepsy; however, after comparing how many are affected by epilepsy vs. how many people die of heart disease, we found that a much larger number are affected by heart disease and many of their symptoms go unnoticed. We had a great support system for our idea for the bracelet and were given the tools and the advice that was needed to help us succeed with our vision. Even though the bracelet is a very basic prototype that can be deemed as inaccurate and not yet fully efficient, we are proud to say that it was fun and interesting to create and code this together.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Groupon.