Record. Compose. Share. Repeat.

Nicole D, Hana A, Azaria P, Daija E

Hear Me is a music transcriber website that uses your vocal and instrumental input to accurately transcribe the user's song onto sheet music, which can be easily shared with other users and/or printed. The user has the option to edit and replay the active score.There is also an option to automatically include the lyrics you sing within your score. Personal profiles are required to save scores. Each user’s information is stored on a server.

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Musicians still have to manually write or input their score on sheet music. This website/app decreases the amount of time needed to write music by optimizing and facilitating music notation. We’re also simplifying the sharing of scores.

Through a more effective technology, we are revolutionizing music notation and the sharing of sheet music. We hope this helps musicians focus solely on creating new music.

Localizing the correct API that would best fit what we were looking for took a significant amount of time, but when we finally found, it was a success. Also, converting frequencies to the corresponding pitches was a challenge that we faced and conquered head-on through various mathematical formulas.

"Oh my god, even I can use it!" -Ajala Horne

Hear Me is composed of four girls from all over Georgia who have a passion for coding. It has been a blast working with these wonderful girls, and we will continue this project outside of Girls Who Code.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Accenture ATL.