Thinking about Healthy Options for School Lunches

Lily, Rhianna, Arabella, Sam, Catherine, Eleanor

A Website on the topic of Healthy Lunches including a chart of nutrition values, a quiz, a "Pack Your Lunch" game and an "Avoid the Food Allergens" game.


School lunches are not always the healthiest choices. What can we do to help inform students so they make better choices?

We created a website with games, quizzes and nutritional information.

The girls had difficulty figuring out how to create a quiz in Scratch that correctly reflected when the right answer was chosen. They and our TA researched other quizzes created in Scratch by other users and came up with a solution that operated what they wanted.

Lakewood Public Library’s Girls Who Code Club had its inaugural year in 2016-2017.  We started in February and had 10 sessions.  There are 6 students in the club, from grades 6 – 12.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Lakewood Public Library.