A mental health app that syncs with a soft cuddly interactive robot.

Ladan F, Daniela C, Duaa Z, Taylor C

From the "Half Full" app, users will be able to connect with "Aqua", a soft, interactive cuddly robot, with speech capabilities and recognition. Based on your responses and the mood you are in, "Aqua" will talk to you and give advice, while further linking you to suggestions in the app. We designed "Aqua" to be soft and huggable so that users feel more comfortable to discuss their feelings and help them deal with everyday predicaments.

Mental illnesses and mental health have become huge issues in teenagers and adults alike, so we wanted to create a friend and place for people to openly talk and discuss about their feelings without feeling worried about judgment and ridicule. So, we are giving them "Aqua", who offers a few simple solutions to ease their struggles.

We wished to do this by giving people a friend, such as "Aqua", to be there for them, since we understand that sometimes it is hard to discuss tough emotions with others. With our ideal motto of the glass being half full, we made "Aqua" a cute, positive robot that makes people smile from first glance and can offer some help when they are feeling down or praise when they are at their best.

We encountered many challenges when it came to building our robot, "Aqua". First, our Bluetooth wasn’t connecting to any of our devices for unknown reasons. We also had some difficulty with getting the speech to text for our robot to function correctly as we kept encountering lots of bugs. Lastly, we were on a time constraint, which made everything even more difficult because trying to get all the features we envisioned to come to life was a long process and we couldn’t fit everything that we would’ve liked.

Though we faced a multitude of struggles, we worked hard and overcame them. For the Bluetooth issue, after multiple tutorials for creating the circuit and connecting the Bluetooth to the device, we decided to just get a new Bluetooth and it finally worked out! As for the speech to text function, we used a speech recognition API and found a tutorial that we followed to help us create an effective chat-bot and build an efficient circuit that gave "Aqua" a voice.

"Aqua is so cute!"

"I love the concept, I'm excited to see where you take Aqua."

Daniela – Hello there! I’m an incoming junior at Kentwood High School and Running Start student at Green River Community College. In my free time, you can find me doodling, journaling, running, or just doing something creative. At school, I’m a part of National Honor Society and a current Cross Country captain. I’m hoping to join Key Club and a GWC Club this year as well. This summer, I was a part of Girls Who Code’s Summer Immersion Program, which brought me a wider perspective on the whole meaning of Computer Science. I hope in the future I can partake in more projects involving Computer Science and become a woman in technology.

Ladan – I attend Lindbergh High School, and I am going to be a senior in the upcoming school year. I’m a part of multiple different activities at my school, including FBLA, HOSA, Black and Brown Girls Summit, and National Honor Society. I’m also the current treasurer of International Club at my school. This summer, Girls Who Code’s Summer Immersion Program was my first involvement in Computer Science/coding and I really enjoyed it. I’m definitely considering pursuing it as a career. I love the mission of Girls Who Code, closing the gender inequality gap in the technology field, and that change is something I definitely want to be a part of. I’m grateful for this program because it provided me with the tools to be successful later in life, through learning the basics of coding and giving me awesome teachers that will mentor me throughout my career.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AT&T (Seattle).