To help natural haired women find the best products

Thalia S, Paris F, Aiyanna A

This project, Hairheads, is a website meant to centralize resources necessary to people with natural hair. The creators are Thalia, Paris, and Aiyanna. This project uses CSS, HTML, JS, Jquery.

We saw that a major problem in the natural hair community was the struggle that young women have to find the most affordable and promising products for their hair goals.

We believed the best solution for this would be to create a website that centralizes all of the different resources that we find ourselves use on a daily basis.

The most frustrating technical problem that we have to overcome was our "see more" button. The purpose of the "see more" button was to allow users to go to a specific website to buy the product they were interested in on our page. The button worked great on the computer but when we tried it on our phones it didn't work. This was because the code was referenced by HTML so we had to change the code for it to be accessible on any device.

Hairheads! Get into control!

The creators of this website are Aiyanna, Thalia, and Paris. This website is our final project for the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at AIG. As young women who wear their hair in its natural state, they noted that a big issue within the community was that resources were not centralized. This meant that in order to find the articles, products, and tips they needed, they had to navigate throughout the entirety of the maze-like jungle that is the Internet. They decided to change that. This website is a culmination of the valuable skills that they each possess, as well as a demonstration of their ability to work well in a collaborative environment.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AIG - Ada Lovelace.