"Restaurants with Vegan, Vegetarian, and Halal options."

Mellany Ona, Wardah Chaudhry, Lorena Allensworth

Our web app, greenfeed allows users to explore many cuisines from American to Spanish. In each cuisine tab there are multiple restaurants to choose from. The Vegan, Vegetarian, and Halal food options are given in the menu of each one. Our users could also donate to non-profits that support the cause that we are fighting for.

Nowadays there are many people in our world who are vegan, vegetarian, and halal. It can be a big struggle finding food when dining out. Going out to eat with other people who don't have the same dietary preferences can be difficult. Prior to dining out one has to do some research. Sometimes one has to go through multiple sites to find food that is vegan, vegetarian, or halal. Although eating vegetarian may seem easy to handle when eating out, it is actually harder than anticipated. Eating vegan is even more difficult. Luckily some restaurants now have options available to us but we just need help finding them. Eating halal is a religious obligation and for practicing Muslims, it can be difficult due to the lack of non-halal options that are available.

The solution to this problem is our web app, Greenfeed. On Greenfeed you are able to find the restaurant that you would like to eat at. From there you can find the vegan menu, vegetarian menu, and halal menus. On Greenfeed you can find menus for american, Spanish, Italian, and Asian cuisines. On the side bar all the restaurants are shown and when clicked you are directed to their menu. Each dish, plate, or item on the menu is color coded. Light green is vegan, dark green is vegetarian, and sea green is halal. There is no more need to search through ten websites just to find one conclusive answer on what you’ll be eating. There is no need to just stick to eating a side salad as your main dish anymore. All your problems can be solved by just using Greenfeed. Everything is in one place, it is quick and easy.

Some challenges that we faced during the process included finding a software development medium to produce our app in. We were not very successful, so we settled on producing a web app. We also struggled through gathering research for our database because of the massive amount of options. We also had trouble with changing our theme and making the content adaptable to all of the different themes.

"There is no other application as detailed or as helpful as this one on the market today." - Sydney Huynh

We are a group of girls who share a common interest in the STEM field. We have the passions of participating in Track and Field, and one day working at NASA and becoming Doctors. Two of us have dietary preferences that make it difficult to dine out. That’s why we decided to create greenfeed to help other people who struggle with the same issues that we do.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AOL.