Remember: life is full of gray.

Lucy S, Rebecca D, Imani F

A game like ours allows for players to play as whoever they want. The existence of a choice allows them to play as the hero, the villain, or even a neutral party, as opposed to most other games where you are automatically playing as the hero of the story.

Life is unpredictable and affects everyone in a different way. We may view the world in black and white based on how people make their choices and face their challenges.

This game is lifelike with unpredictable choices and confusion on how to move on to the next chapter of your life. It acknowledges the gray areas in life that things are not simply in black and white.

We encountered many challenges while creating "Gray". The necessary features for creating a game required the use of the Crafty API and JavaScript API, which we had not had much experience with. We had to learn to read and understand the documentation as we worked.

The problems that we encountered needed creative solutions and critical thinking to overcome. We consulted the resources available to us and worked with the solutions that others had come to, and adapted them for our own purposes.

"This is a very meaningful game."

Lucy likes video games, Rebecca is a writer, and Imani is interested in graphic design. We combined our interests to bring the entire project together. Lucy and Rebecca worked together to implement the mechanics and basic storyline, while Imani created beautiful visuals. We couldn’t have made this project without working together and utilizing each group members’ unique talents.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at JPMorgan Chase (NYC).