Claire F, Aliyana H, Ying K, Rebeka A

GottaPotty is an android app that locates restrooms near your current location.

Since we use the bathrooms so frequently and they are utilized by everyone, why are they often so hard to find? Our problem is finding bathrooms near us, especially if people are looking for more specialized bathrooms that are gender neutral or highly rated.

GottaPotty has two functions. A map can be displayed showing the user their current location and pins at the restrooms that are near them. They can click the pins to see the rating that the restroom received and what types of restrooms are available at the location (i.e. separate male and female restrooms or all gender restrooms). The user can also add a restroom to the database. If the user is at a restroom, they can click add a potty, and it will take their current location and set it as the new restrooms location, and then the user can rate it and specify the type of restroom.

A technical problem we faced was learning and understanding the app developer Android Studios. It was completely new to us, and so was Java, the language that is used in Android Studios. We had to do a lot of researching syntax and functions on the internet and also we did lots of guessing and checking.

"This might be the hardest project this year"

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Adobe (Seattle).