Goals Planner, Progress Bar, Personality Quiz, Career Suggestions, Information

Ridhi V., Samantha C-N., Cecilia T.

Goals for Mii is a motivational, informational, and inspirational web app created by Ridhi, Samantha, and Cecilia! When the user opens the app, they can take a personality quiz which gives them career suggestions along with pathway information. This section of the app is the inspiration and information part of Mii. The user can also add long-term/short-term goals to the ones given by the selected career pathway and view his/her progress through a beautiful progress bar. This is the motivation part of Mii. Overall, the app is intended to help students want to achieve more in life and work towards success.

Teenagers today don't have enough motivation or information in order to want to do better with their lives and careers.

Our app helps to combine the experience of goal-setting with personalized career planning. It helps the user keep all of his/her steps/info in one place, rather than having to find the same information elsewhere.

We faced not being able to work with a database in time. We also had struggles with the API that we used, especially since there was no real documentation for it.

"YOU CRUSHED IT." - Ashley Haynes-Gaspar, GE Executive Marketing Leader

Hi! We’re Samantha, Ridhi, and Cecilia! We made a web app based around something that means a lot to us: success. We are the creators of Goals for Mii, which motivates, informs, and inspires teenagers and young adults today.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at GE (Bay Area).