Shreya S, Radha P

Our project is a website that is meant to promote awareness of global warming. Our main purpose was to educate the public about this important issue and provide various ways for people to help our cause. We have included a page dedicated to information about global warming in hope that people will be better informed. We have also incorporated a map that displays the closest public transport station in the user's area and a comment section for any opinions about our website or global warming in general. Another fun way that we have communicated information about global warming is through educational games on our activities page. We hope that anybody who visits our site will be inspired to do something about this problem.

The problem we are trying to address is the lack of awareness of global warming as actual problem.

We are addressing this problem by providing access to information and ways to stop global warming through our website.

One technical problem that we faced in making this website was using the Google Maps API in our website. It was difficult to configure it to use the user given latitude and longitude to find the nearest public transport stations.

"This website really inspires people to do something about global warming! I love how it gives actual ways to help the cause and learn about it."

We are both currently high school juniors. We both have a passion for ending global warming, climate change, and environmental protection.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at ATT (Atlanta 1).