Find charities efficiently.

Ivy D, Morgan P, Trinique F

This project is a website that allows people to locate charities. The results can be sorted by things such as age and location, which can be optimized for each user. The website is people friendly and simple and aims to help people give back to their community efficiently.

The issue this project solves is that it can frequently be difficult to locate reliable charities. Even if you do find one, they may not have available volunteering opportunities. The difficult search for a charity can often be a waste of time and discourage people from donating or volunteering.

We are addressing this problem by building a comprehensive database containing information and access to reliable charities that have a variety of options for volunteering and donations. By connecting users to the charities and eliminating the need for people to do all the heavy lifting of sifting through thousands of Google results, we help users maximize their time and give back to the community with ease.

One technical problem we faced was the fact that in order to make our website the way we envisioned it, we needed to have a database in which to store the information about the various charities that we researched. The biggest challenge related to this database was that the database had to be hosted somewhere, and connecting databases to websites using pure coding was something that we had not covered in the Girls Who Code program. In order to get around this issue, we used a software called Salesforce in order to build our website and compile our database.

Morgan, Ivy, and Trinique participated in the 2018 Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta. They all share a passion for helping people using innovative technology and coming up with new ideas.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Turner ATL.