making your tumblr prettier since 2016

Alessandra L, Sofie H

We have created seven highly customizable themes (more coming soon) for people to download and use.


People want their tumblr pages to look pretty, but don't necessarily know how to code, or the themes that exist don't have easy to read code that you can customize further.

We've made many features customizable on the main customization screen, but then we've made sure to put ample comments in our code so people don't have to read through it line by line.

We couldn't figure out how to make infinite scroll work on one of the themes, so we did research and found a jQuery plugin that did the trick.

An exciting and easy way to spice up my tumblr! - a classmate

We’re really glad we met through this program, because Sofie comes from Ohio and we wouldn’t have met otherwise. We decided to work together because we both love tumblr, and the idea of making themes had always intrigued us.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at ATT (Atlanta 1).