educate, engage, and empower girls

Kareena K, Victoria M, Leadora K, Hannah F, Sophia W

Girls For Girls was created with the mission to educate, engage, and empower girls to take action with the many global issues impacting women. Girls for Girls is a website that features information on various topics involving girls and women in underdeveloped countries, inspiring women and their impact on their communities, and websites and news articles about and by women. Our website also includes different ways people can take action and engage in the conversation about women's rights.

The problem is, not enough girls know how to support each other/ where to go to find information about other women.

This website serves as a community for girls all over the world to learn about others. It also provides a chance to take action by signing petitions or going to events.

A technical problem we faced was was formatting our code- ensuring that the photos, text boxes, and headers were aligned and consistent. We had to modify our code by trying different ways until we solved it.

"I really enjoy how you have created a community with girls all over the world to support each other!"

We are all rising juniors and seniors in high school. We participated in the Summer Immersion Program at Pfizer NY! Over the course of seven weeks, we’ve learned many coding skills. Each of us will continue with computer science even if we do not end up going into the Tech career path. We have all felt inspired by the sisterhood aspect of Girls Who Code, so we decided to create this website.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Pfizer NY.