A computer, a mall, a mansion in a tree, and a zombie apocalypse

Advika A, Margaret C, Angela D, Anja F, Makaylah S

After doing some graphical games in Scratch, we switched over to Python and built text-only adventures. Each team member made a separate adventure, and then we linked them all together into one meta-adventure running on trinket.io and embedded on a private web server at girlswhoquest.tech.

Find the special items from all seven text adventures to win the game!

No problem; this project is just for fun :-)

No problem; this project is just for fun :-)

It can be difficult to transition from block-based programming languages (like Scratch) to text-only languages (like Python).

A single typo can cause strange errors, so we worked on our typing and debugging skills!

We are middle schoolers from a few different schools who meet at the Waltham Public Library in Massachusetts.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Waltham Public Library.