Girls Who Code at Lakewood Public Library presents: How To Code

Girls Who Code at Lakewood Public Library presents: How To Code

Lakewood Public Library Girls Who Code presents How To Code

Cat, Amira, Evan, Sicily, Ava, Mya

We present information about coding, specifically about Variables, Conditionals, Loops and Functions. We include examples for games, quizzes, and animations that we coded and what coding concepts they cover.

Quizzes about Coding

We wanted to help other students our age also learn how to code.

By providing information about the core concepts and example projects with the code fully visible.

We had limited experience with coding in Python but with the help of our facilitators and some fun lessons in Codesters and Trinket we learned to code conditionals and loops well.

This is the 3rd club for Lakewood Public Library.  This season saw 6 club members regularly attend and 1 additional member joined us for the final few sessions.  We have 2 facilitators and 1 library/co-facilitator along with our sponsor.  We met Monday nights at the library for 12 weeks and the girls learned more about Scratch and began using Python.  They even spent a session doing Trailheads in Salesforce.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Lakewood Public Library.