Girls Who Code Alumnae Website

Girls Who Code Alumnae Website

Connecting Girls Who Code Alumni through an interactive website

Eliza E, Layla H, Confidence O

We made a Girls Who Code Alumnae website to allow former students in the program a way to stay connected. Not only can they stay connected, they’ll also be able to make posts in the news feed about job opportunities or just cool things regarding coding in general. When a girl has a question about the field or about a project they’re working on, they can ask other girls on here if they’ve encountered the same problem and if they have any solutions. We also hope that companies will post jobs or volunteering opportunities to the website as well.

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Girls Who Code has a big network of girls, as well as many alumnae. Staying connected and keeping contact has always been greatly stressed in this program, however, sometimes it can be hard with changing numbers, new email and post addresses, and just keeping in touch in general. After Girls Who Code, many girls may need more exposure to the field. As well as this, many girls will need to look for jobs, and companies are in need of female employees.

We built a website with a homepage, an about page, and an experiences page in which other girls who code alumnae can comment their experiences with the summer immersion program. A news feed feature was added for the girls and companies to make posts about news or asking for help. An experiences page was added to allow the girls to share their thoughts and sentiments about the program, and what they did afterwards. The about page was put in to let people know why we made this website, and a signup/login form was created to allow people to create accounts with the website.

While working on the GWC we faced some challenges including merge errors when people would accidentally or unknowingly edit the same page or line of code then try to push their changes. Another challenge we faced was the same CSS across different pages looking different despite implementing almost identical code across all pages. In general, just picking a theme and colors scheme was difficult, since we wanted the website to look fun, but also professional and pleasing to the eyes.

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Girls Who Code Alumnae Website made by Eliza, Layla, and Confidence. We are all entering our junior years in high school. Layla has a passion for Riff Raff, Mariah Carey, Steph Curry, and now Code. She also enjoys basketball and aspires to either be a software engineer or an OBGYN. Eliza likes listening to different types of music, playing tennis, and eating different types of food. Confidence enjoys singing, listening to music, cooking, and working out.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Expedia.