Zoë M, Esther W, Adriana ES, Kamila C

Our purpose for creating this website is to bring awareness to child marriages and how we can put an end to them. "Girls Not Brides" is an organization dedicated to protecting and stopping young girls from early marriage. This website contains a simulation, articles, and a donation page.

Child marriage is an ongoing issue, especially in India, which was our focus with this website. Despite attempts by India’s officials and authorities to outlaw child marriage and relations with child brides, child marriage still occurs. India’s efforts to decrease rates of child marriage have had only little effect. If we don’t hurry to bring down adolescent marriage, the impact could have drastic effects by 2050. The majority of young girls who are married are under the age of 15, which is the main reason for having a weak economic status. This website aims to help raise money to help prevent more marriages like this from happening and to secure a girl’s chance of living a happy life.

We addressed the issue by creating a website for users to gain knowledge easily about the issue and help fight against it. This website contains lots of sources to read and watch, as well as a simulation to put yourself in a situation as a witness to child marriage and see how your actions impact positively or negatively.

A technical problem that we faced was getting GitHub to work with the correct versions. We kept overriding each other's work and would lose progress. We overcame this by constantly trying different ways to learn how to use it correctly and were eventually able to successfully push and pull files to bring the whole website together.

Zoë is a coder in the GWC Summer Immersion Program 2018. She has learned languages such as Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Arduino C. She enjoys coding in Python, but helped build this website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Zoë contributed on the backbone structure of the website as well as implemented features such as the animated graphs, videos, donate link, and simulation experience.

Esther is a coder in the GWC Summer Immersion Program 2018. Over the seven weeks of the program, she learned bits and pieces of many different coding languages, including HTML, Python, JavaScript, Arduino C, and others. Esther’s interest in coding is what brought her here. She contributed to this project by finding the different links to the images, stats, videos, donate page, and articles the viewer may see in this website. She also helped write the script for the simulation.

Adriana is a coder in the GWC Summer Immersion Program 2018. During the seven week program, she learned Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Arduino C, and more. Her favorite part of the program was the different projects that they did using the different languages, including this website. She contributed to the About page, the game, and finding the articles.

Kamila is a coder in the GWC Summer Immersion Program 2018. She’s learned many languages over the course of the summer including JavaScript, Python, HTML, Arduino C, and CSS. Kamila helped contribute to the media on this website by helping make the Donate page and finding all the pictures next to each article.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Blizzard - LOS.