For girls, by girls!

Nicole A., Cemre T., Ashley L., Ariana B.

We are a girls chat platform built for girls, by girls. We are targeting girls aged 13-18 to ask questions to other girls about a wide variety of topics, including Education, Lifestyle, Health, and Technology. Our mission is to provide a safe outlet for girls to communicate with other girls.

Girls often experience a lack of community and don’t feel as if they are in a safe environment where they can ask their questions. Girls should have the ability to ask questions directly to other girls in a protected community.

We created an online community targeting girls between the ages 13 to 18, where they are free to ask their questions and have the opportunity to answer other girls’ questions. To ensure that Girls Help is a safe environment, comments must be approved by a Girls Help admin before they can be visible to other users. Also, questions have to be emailed to us in order to be posted on our website.

We started off using Django web framework code that we previously wrote for a blog project and modified it to our needs, but there were several differences between what our website was trying to achieve and our original blog. So, we read through new tutorials and used trial and error to amend our code to fit our vision of Girls Help. Also, we struggled for several days trying to figure out how to properly display posted messages and coding each message to stay once it was inputted. Through help from our teachers and teammates, we managed to get our posts to stay up. We even figured out how users can comment on them.

We are four high school students who found something that we all had in common: to find any way to help those who may not have the resources and support to do so. This project is only our first step in reaching out, assisting, and creating connections with girls and minorities; to help give a stronger voice to all of us.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at IAC.