Music and Instagram

Amy W., Binali P., Marivella B.

We have a website that makes a network of people that want to share their experiences of going to concerts and want to find more artists. On our website the user has the ability to search for concerts in their area based off of artists they already listen to. As well as they can also search for the tour dates and available concerts of a specific artist.

As a group, we have recognized that there is a significant problem in social media that the popular platforms do not solve. Social media users currently have no way to find and track concerts along with sharing their concert experiences without using different platforms.

With our platform, Gig-Goers, we have combined the ability to have the user share their musical experiences with the power to find their next adventure. Gig-goers combines bandsintown’s api and instagram’s api for a cohesive experience. Users can upload photos from their most recent concert, as well as finding suggested concerts based on artists they like.

Instagram API - We struggled authenticating a user so we could receive their access token. The token is used when a user uploads a picture from their personal instagram account.
Bandsintown api- Initially, it was hard for us to grasp what aspects of the bandsintown api we needed to implement in order to create code that would be able to search through their database to find concerts based on an artist and based on a given area.

"It combines everything I want. It's perfect for our generation!"

3 girls who are a part of the Girls Who Code club in Austin

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Barlovento - ACC.