"Health, prevention, and solutions"

Sierra B, Hannah C, Wintana G, Rachel W

GenePool is a website calculating the user's risk for certain diseases and cancers based on their demographics. Using the CDC database, we averaged the percentage of risk for a person based on occurrences of a disease within certain demographics. Based on this data, we gave the user the top five diseases with the highest averages matching their demographics.

Results example

Our society is fostering a culture of repair instead of prevention. The goal is to address this problem specifically in the medical and health world, as well as improving transparency between the medical health world and the general public. We want to educate people about diseases they could potentially fall victim to before it happens.

GenePool's personalized results creates awareness of the potential disease that the user might face in the future. Introducing these diseases to the user encourages them to ask their doctor for more information during check-ups and generally alerts them to diseases that they may not have heard about before. This encourages preventative measures to avoid contracting the top five diseases returned by GenePool.

We originally intended to utilize an API key to access the CDC databases with the data for our specific diseases. However, the API system for these databases were built in 1993 and it wasn't practical to use them. Instead, we had to manually input the data into a Google spreadsheet we created. This was the major technical problem we faced.

GenePool is a group of four high school girls who met over the course of these seven weeks; Sierra, Wintana, and Rachel will all be graduating in 2017, and Hannah will be graduating in 2018. The four girls are passionate about coding, web programming, as well as health and prevention!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Autodesk.