Raise awareness about implicit gender bias

Namita D., Tumininu O., Michelle P., Gabrielle H.

We want to increase awareness of the pervasiveness of gender-based stereotypes in our society. On GenderByUs, we have created a game that shows you your unconscious gender bias. We hope to not only make those who play more self-aware, but also inspire them to fight these gender biases in their communities and societies.

Gender bias is real. The wage gap persists and so do degrading rhetoric and biased attitudes. Sometimes people aren't even aware of their bias because it is unconscious.

By showing the player what they associate each gender with, we try to make them more aware of their own bias. After all, there is no CHANGE without AWARENESS, and words matter.

We started the game in Scratch and planed on embedding it into the website. However, we realized halfway through that Scratch didn't really suit our purposes, and we had to start the game all over using Javascript.

We are four teenage girls of different races and backgrounds. All of us have had very different life experiences, yet we all feel the effects of gender bias in our lives. After meeting at Girls Who Code, we wanted to build something that would help combat this very real problem in our society. As a result, we created GenderByUs.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Verizon (Newark #2).