HTML, CSS and Javascript

Amelia F, Hui Bing P, Alisha W

GalaxyArt is a website for artist to post their art. Each user will have their own profile page where they can customize to their liking and participate in monthly contest.

Not a lot of art sites have a simple format that users can understand and get around.

On GalaxyArt, everything (including the users store, activity) will all be on taps next to each other, where they can access fairly quickly.

User database was really hard to set up. We didn't get enough time to finish but we will now that the program as ended.


Amelia F., Hui Bing P. and Alisha  W. are an artist group. For their final project, they decided to create GalaxyArt. It’s an art website allowing artists to post their art.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AT&T (Seattle).