Allows people to adopt, foster and find more volunteering opportunities!

Sude Yazgan, Chakrika Ratra, Lauren Kiachian, Betty Zhong

This Platform allows animal lovers to adopt, foster and volunteer easier! Our website provides users with adoption and foster information and simplifies the process by directing the user directly to the adoption page! Our website is an on-going project and its still in its early development stages. We hope to expand and update the features of the website in the future!

As animal lovers, we noticed that the amount of abandoned and abused animals are increasing each year. As a result, shelters are not able to keep every animal they receive. In order to solve this issue we have to encourage more people to either adopt or foster these animals that are desperately needing a forever home.

Shelters around the world are running on public resources, donations and volunteers. But nowadays, it is harder for shelters to recruit volunteers and even harder to collect donations. Without the support of the community, local shelters would not be able to run as smoothly or have enough resources to support the animals in need.

In order to stop the animal cruelty and quantity of homeless pets, we were inspired to create a website that is easy to navigate and access. We designed the adoption and foster page in hopes that it will inspire and encourage more people to adopt or foster these animals, as well as raise awareness of this issue.

We created our volunteering page in hopes of motivating more people to participate in volunteering events as well as donation drives. Our website includes a lot of features that makes volunteering or donating process simpler. Such as a shelter and donation drive location service that helps the user locate a donation center or shelter in need near them. Although the locator is designed exclusively for the Bay Area right now. Our teams hopes to expand its ability and reach out to more of the state in the future.

One of the technical problems our teams faced was the design process. As pet owners and animal enthusiasts, it was easy for us to come together and agree on the topic of the project. But we struggled the most on agreeing with the visual designs of the website. It was hard for us to agree on the colors, images or fonts of the webpage. Although we struggled a lot with teamwork at the beginning, we came to a compromise and completed a project that incorporated everyone's opinions eventually.

"FurryTail Animal Helpers is where all of your fairy tales will come true!"

We are the FurryTail Animal Helpers!

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Amazon (Bay Area).