A project to stop animal abuse

Betsy A, Joselyn M, Emily C

FurEnds is a website that wants to raise awareness of the abuse of animals like dogs or cats. Our website contains info about animal abuse and tips to help animals from being abused. We also have stories about animals being abused and links to go to your nearest animal shelter.

Animals are being abused and not being treated correctly. Awareness is low and we want to raise this awareness.

This project was for those who are animal lovers and want to make a change to stop animal abuse.

One of the members, Emily, wanted to show the animal shelter locations without just leaving the info there. She wanted to have a search bar of sorts to look through the animal shelters through their zip code. After looking through some ideas, she made the bar and put the infomation on the website. Betsy was having trouble having the navigation staying fit to the page whenever the page was scrolled down or up

Emily is a member of Girls Who Code who has participated in the UIC Girls Who Code program through the school year. She helped out with some of the coding and a few ideas that made it into the final project. Betsy is was the front end and  web designer of the website. Betsy is a senior and took this program to see if this is what she wants to major in it . Joselyn  was the research person and helped Betsy with front end development, she participated in a girl who code club in her school.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at UIC - Ada Lovelace.