Friendship Trouble Games

Friendship Trouble Games

Help people who struggle with problematic friends.

Laura, Zipporah, Caedence, Nikita, Riya, Rohini, Siobhan, Trisha

The Club worked together to create a game and a website dealing with the issue of toxic and problematic friends and how to handle them. The game was created with Python on Codesters.

Problematic friendships are sometimes difficult to recognize, and they can turn negatively very quickly.

We created a 'choose your own adventure' game that people can play to help make good choices in their own lives.

The technical problem that we faced was creating the game in Python and then being able to display it on our website. We solved this by using code on the Codsters website to put the game on our website.

We also had the problem that the game was too large for a single instance of Codesters, so we solved that by splitting it into two games.

This group is one of two Girls Who Code groups that met at Do Space in Omaha, Nebraska. It is comprised of 8 girls, ranging from 6th grade to 9th grade.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Do Space.