Fresh quota is easy, fast and gets everyone excited to eat well.

Sophia H., Mariyah D.

An easy and accessible web application, used to track meals. Users can earn HealthyPoints for eating healthy foods. Certain amounts of HealthyPoints earned can be redeemed for restaurant recommendations and healthy recipes.

Many people have the desire to be healthy and make good eating choices. However, with hundreds of different diets and meal tracking plans on the market, it has become increasingly more difficult and stressful to dedicate time towards personal health. The leading food tracking apps have a customer experience that is not appealing to the eye and tedious to manage.

With Fresh Quota, we have taken a new approach to the food tracking program and added features that provide the user with recipe recommendations, local restaurant suggestions, and a social media interface, allowing them to connect with other Fresh Quota users. We have also noticed that consumers hear a lot about what is and isn’t healthy, but they don’t understand how different foods are processed in their body. To account for this we also added an educational video courtesy of Schoolhouse Rock.

One of the biggest challenges we faced was saving information and getting information about the user to show on their personalized account page. We tried the Google Sheets API first. However after several tries we settled on using local storage. Local storage, while not the best solution for a real website, worked well for our purposes since we were only using a single computer for a server.

"The name is really catchy!" -Someone's dad
"The incentives and educational aspects make it better."- Someone else's dad

Mariyah joined Girls Who Code in hopes of getting an understanding of what coding would be like as a career, and to expand her knowledge and meet new people. Through this program she was able to not only learn more about coding and the technology industry, but she enjoyed putting all of the concepts she learned into this final project.

Sophia was also an inexperienced coder and wasn’t sure what to expect in the program. She was so excited to find a group of friends that support each other and were able to work together towards common goals. It was an unforgettable experience and she could not be prouder of her final project.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AT&T (Seattle).