Ahdeshia A, Annika L, Angela L, Cierra M, Ja'Zmin M

Our six-paged website allows people to know when and where there is free food. The home page introduces the developers. The calendar shows the free food days visually. The list presents a chronological list that states the restaurant, the offer, and a link to find the nearest location of the restaurant. The tips page gives suggestions on healthy eating and brain stimulating foods. The reminders page allows the user to receive reminders on free food days and provide suggestions. The game page showcases a game that provides entertainment.

The main problem our website aims to solve is the high level of unfamiliarity in regards to free food that restaurants across the country offer. Parallelly, by increasing awareness about certain deals, the problems of those struggling to put food on the table, or even those who are just simply frugal, can be solved. One small problem resolved by the website includes organization. This is because there are thousands of articles outlining free food offers on the internet, but our website provides all the same information on just one site.

The website is very important because it not only solves the problem of people forgetting about free food days, but gives a direct link to getting more information. We have made it very easy to give you your desired information by setting up a direct link to the restaurant’s website. This tool is useful because it allows you to save money without giving up on that special snack after work. It also gives you all the information about all of your favorite restaurants in one place, unlike any other website available online.

Throughout the development of this project, we faced a variety of obstacles. These included difficulties in building a program to send reminders and accept suggestions. Instead of using code to incorporate this added feature, an already existing resource was incorporated for communication. Transitioning to an actual coded program could be a future step. Additionally, there were challenges in getting the game to successfully run. Still, now, the format of the game page is not perfect, so this could also be improved in the future.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AT&T (Atlanta - Ada Lovelace).