Marisela G, Krystalis O, Kerlina L, Stephanie L

Frankein Games is a website designed to keep children entertained along with parents stress-free from deciding what to do with their children! We have created two "random generators" that will pick a classic game (ex: Hide & Seek) and three rules form other games you can follow. The goal is to have the easiest format for guardians new to technology and games today while also keeping their children entertained. We also made a cultural game page called "Around the World" where a map will appear showing different pins to where your mouse can go and view one country's game they are most commonly known for.

The problem is children today are very easily bored when playing the same board games or physical games over and over again so we decided to create a generator that will decide for them.

Changing up an already existing game gives and allows parents to easily keep their kids occupied without the stress of creating and explaining an entirely new game.

One difficulty we solved was the text alignment. We overcame the problem by going back through the code and fixing the style alignment for the rules. We also went through a lot of trial and error. However, our main challenge was getting 4 random generators to work in HTML and javascript since initially we learned it in python.

"Once you vision success we all have to work together to achieve it."

Hello there! We re Frankein Games! We all have experienced boredom while babysitting a child so we wanted to create something to help parents/guardians and babysitters. We all attend Girls Who Code at Synchrony Financial and have gained enough education from our teacher and TAs to make this awesome project for everyone!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Synchrony.