Anna R., Hannah S., Zaina B.

Footsteps is a website that helps teenage girls plan their future. The goal of the website is to facilitate the process of finding internships, scholarships, and getting involved in occupational fields. In addition, the website features resume templates and advice on how to "advertise" yourself to get hired.

The problem we found as high school students getting ready for college was, there were no simple sources of information that included scholarships, internships, occupations and the process for getting involved in each. As juniors and seniors, we are under constant pressure to plan our future. We know how hard it is to get involved in the workforce as free summer programs and internships are increasingly difficult to find. When applying to college, it would be helpful for students to have an idea about future career interests in order to find schools and scholarships and decide on college courses.

We created a website that would prepare high schoolers and early college freshmen on their journey into the workforce, thus providing easy access to information and saving students money and time. There were multiple features we wanted to create that would help students just like us.
We decided to:
-Create a quiz allowing students to see what occupational fields suit their interests
-Condense useful information on how specific jobs work and how to qualify for each
-Have a variety of job fields in order to suit all types of interests
-Provide links and information on potential scholarships, internships, and college courses
-Inform students on how to best present themselves in the workforce
-Instruct students on how to build their resumes

One technical problem we found was the tool bar not fitting the screen perfectly. We overcame it by working as a group to figure out the correct dimensions.

Hi, we are AHZ. We created Footsteps, a website that helps other teenager girls plan their future. We wanted to make it easier for girls to find scholarships, internships, and to get involved in occupational fields.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AT&T (NYC).