Find Your Perfect Restaurant Match

Kristen L, Teana M, Amy Z

This restaurant-finder app, when opened, will ask the user questions and then generate restaurants and food places based on what the user identified in their criteria for diet restrictions, occasion, and cuisine. The app will be based off first instinct feelings and will have the function that the user will swipe left if they want to see the next restaurant and swipe right to get more information on the restaurant.

The problem we are trying to solve is when you are hungry but you don’t know where to eat. Instead of using a google search and spending time searching through the thousands of results and reviews using this app would provide a quick and decisive way to pick where you want to eat.

We used HTML, CSS and JavaScript (bootstrap and JQuery) to create the interface of the project. The functionalities of our app include a restaurant filter based on their attributes, a directory using json, customization of our webpages, a swiping function and much restaurant research.

It was very difficult getting the HTML to change dynamically. However we were able to accomplish this by using JSON and Jquery to get the restaurants to change based on the options chosen.

"This makes date night a breeze. So fun and easy. I found my date on Tinder and my restaurant on Foodie" - Diana


All three of us worked together to create something we are really proud of. We all put so much effort into this project and we are glad it came out just as we imagined.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at IBM (NYC).