Mickeyla C & Alexis D

"Focal Focus" is a time managing tool meant to help users combat procrastination. With "Focal Focus", users are able to analyze their time in order to make better use of it. Our three main features include a to-do list, the ability to analyze your time, and get tips on how to balance your life better.

How can we effectively manage time? This is a problem many people struggle with, and we want to help provide a solution to this issue.

We are tackling the four main categories in the usual teenager/young adult's day: school, work, sleep, and social.

We really struggled with visualizing user data using D3, a JavaScript based library. We worked on it for days and nearly gave up until we, along with the help of our peers and TA's, were able to get it to work.

Alexis and Mickeyla are two rising high school juniors who frequently have trouble balancing all of their tasks at one time. To combat this, Alexis & Mickeyla set out to develop “Focal Focus”, a website designed to help users analyze their time and make better use of it.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Software.org - The BSA Foundation.