Compiled resources for language learning.

Amahlia S., Diana M., Elise W., Mariah B.

Fluorescent Fluency was not built to teach people a language but instead help people find resources that help them address their own specific needs. Fluorescent Fluency was made to help language learners to navigate the seemingly endless amount of resources out there. There are so many different books and websites that it is hard to know what's quality material. We aim to help clear the water, to provide a clean and accessible database for all of your language learning needs.

Fluorescent Fluency
Japanese Vocabulary

Language learning is difficult on its own without the lack of knowledge of resources and materials to use for learning pronunciation, grammar, and reading skills.

We compiled good resources for people to use when learning Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Japanese in categories by aimed learning subject.

We often had problems getting divs to align or css to run, but we troubleshooted by using stackoverflow and each other as resources. The footer with links was difficult to create because it required multiple levels of divs and centering. Bootstrap was also finicky on the front page but we managed to make it work with experimentation.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at UIC - Grace Hopper.