Help people be healthy

Cecilia K, Alivia, H, Kyra M, Nadya J

"FitnessWire" was designed to assist users in finding local venues in the Austin area, including gyms and healthy restaurants. This website uses Google Maps APIs to show where to find these venues. "FitnessWire" also encourages its users to live a more active lifestyle by providing a plethora of health information and tips.

Many people don’t think about how their health affects their overall mood. We aim to change how people take their health for granted and help them make easy, everyday changes for a better, happier life.

Our project uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to allow users to sign up and log in for personalized access to customizable, individualistic information as to what their health and fitness goals should be based on the calculation of the user’s BMI (Body Mass Index). It also provides information on healthy restaurants and places to exercise in the Austin area.

We had a lot of trouble getting our user registration and login to work; we just couldn’t figure out how to store the user’s data properly. To fix this, we ended up embedding a third party login sheet that would store the data for us.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Dell - AUS.