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Advice and resources from daughters of immigrants for prospective United States citizens and their children.

Amaya S.J., Isha H., Sehin A.M., Tamsin R.

This website is full of sources and petitions that encompassed not only the naturalization process, but also many other aspects of living as an immigrant in our country today. The FirstGen website is a collection of stories, advice, and resources, directed at prospective U.S. citizens and their children. The website was made with personal touches from each contributor. It not only encompasses the details of the legal process, but also talks about life in the United States as an immigrant. We complied information by interviewing our parents, we included petitions and charities as well.

• Lack of information and widespread confusion
regarding the process of U.S. citizenship

• Children of immigrants feeling lost, alone, or like outsiders

• We recognized that the official citizenship resource pages provided by the U.S. government is poorly designed and lacks essential information. Additionally, it is based purely on facts, there is no sense of understanding or support for the prospective citizens who will be accessing the website.

• We created an informational, aesthetically-pleasing website designed to display a variety of resources for prospective citizens in varying situations.

• FirstGen is directed at prospective U.S. citizens and their children, and based on our own experiences for a personal touch.

• At first we were using templates from Bootstrap and W3Schools, but since we could not explain the code (since it was very complicated) we decided to create our own template. This involved a lot of research on specific features we wanted on our website such as a navigation bar, tables, and accordion dropdowns.

• Once the template was created, we all had to agree on certain color schemes and aesthetics to make our pages uniform. This was pretty easy since we all have similar aesthetics.

"I love the aesthetics, and the project as it brings a new perspective to the immigration process."- Iris S.

This group is composed of girls who are all daughters of immigrants.

Amaya is a junior at Milton Academy. She is an avid Miyazaki film watcher, playlist creator, and loves songs about tomatoes. Her spirit animal is a llama.

Isha is a senior at Westborough High School. She likes to lie about her height and is an avid listener of Bollywood-Pop mashups in accapella.

Sehin is a senior at Natick High School. She is a proud supporter of Intersectional Feminism and velvet overalls. She also is an avid listener of SZA and shares a bond with Amaya through Studio Ghibli.

Tamsin is a junior at Weymouth High School. She is a dual citizen and synchronized figure skating sectional champion.




This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at TripAdvisor.