"Find your happiness"

Arianna W, Israeliah D

Our project is platform game made with Pygame. Through our game we represent overcoming depression as the players goes a dark setting to a light setting. We have good feelings that boost you up and bad feelings that bring you down.

Game over screen

Mental illness is still considered a taboo in our society.
While people know about mental illness not a lot of people are willing to acknowledge or learn more about mental illnesses. Many are not willing to talk about it in public or make products about it.

Make mental illness less of a taboo in our society. By making a game about mental health we hope to open up the minds of the people who play our game to understand mental illnesses and the people who live with them.

- Learning Pygame
- Finding tutorials to help make the game
- Finding graphics under public domain
- Change backgrounds as character moves up
- Randomizing the platforms
- Having a pause feature
- Finding music that was free to use but also fit the theme of our game

We overcame these challenges by finding a tutorial that worked for us, finding the graphics and music we need, asking for help from the teachers and teaching assistants, and Google.

"Cool idea"
"Like your graphics"
"It's nice that you chose the topic of mental illness"

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Knight - MDC - Grace Hopper.