Find Your Instrument

Find Your Instrument

This website quiz helps beginner instrumentalists choose what instrument they may like to learn to play.

Molly, Rebecca, Keerti, Christiana, MJ, Anna, Abby, Katie

Our club designed a website using Jimbo to help people decide what instrument they want to learn to play. We also made a Makey-Makey activity that lets people hear how different instruments sound.

It is sometimes very hard, stressful, and overwhelming to decide what instrument to play beginning in 4th grade, or for any beginner. The girls in the club wanted to make something that could help others with this decision.

We made an online quiz that offers suggestions of instruments based on the answers to the quiz questions.

Learning how to design a website and programming a Makey-Makey was difficult at times since this was new technology to the girls in the club. We learned together by trying different things and sharing discoveries. By taking our time and simplifying our project, we realized how much time we had left to design it after planning.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Eldersburg Branch Library Girls Who Code Club.