When you're in need of a snack, "Feed Me" has got you down pat!

Christy G, Julie L, Tatianna G, Saba I

"Feed Me" is a website geared towards food-loving millennials who want the best pictures of food for their Instagram feeds. This website shows locations of restaurants in Los Angeles and New York with food that will please your appetite and your followers. Using Instagram photos, maps, and more, the user has everything they need at their fingertips.

Oftentimes, people are unsure of where to eat and don't want to use Yelp. We hope to help food-loving millennials in Los Angeles and New York to find the best places to please their appetites and their eyes.

Our group made a website to curate and recommend restaurants with 'Instagrammable' food. Our website features two regions, Los Angeles and New York City, and we highlight 25 must-eat restaurants in each city.

Through extensive research, we collected all the information a user needs to easily find the perfect spot to visit. Furthermore, we implemented features such as Instagram photos and maps to enhance user experience.

We didn’t face a lot of challenges while working on the project, but there were some difficulties from time to time. We hard-coded the restaurant selections into our website, so we had to research and manually add information for each restaurant into our files. This meant that, when we were making small changes in the code, we would have to add information in 50+ files by hand.

We overcame this challenge with good communication and collaborative efforts. Before adding information, we discussed it as a group and made sure that every person in the group was clear as to what we were doing next.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Goldman Sachs - Grace Hopper.