Input measurements and get sizes from different brands

Madeline E., Zabrina S., Nicholle L., Semal G., Melissa L.

Users input their measurements for their bust, waist, hips, or feet, whichever the conversion calls for, and the website will print out that user's size for four different brands.
Users can thus find and convert their sizes for different brands, and also in different countries.
A page with descriptions so user's can identify their body type and then find style tips that flatter their shape.

Clothes shopping online is a very tricky thing to do because the fit can't actually be tried on. Estimating sizes and returning them if they don't fit is not a practical.

We address the problem by creating a site which takes natural body measurements and compares it to brand measurements for many different brands and different articles of clothing.

We had a lot of bugs with Firebase but with research, we were able to debug it.

We’re a group of teenage girls from different cities going into our senior and junior years of high school. We all met through this program and now are good friends. We collaborate and communicate well and hope to keep contact even after Girls Who Code ends.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Barlovento - ACC.