Shop. Donate. Earn. | An Ethical Way To Shop.

Sanzida S, Jocelyn C, Shannon M

"Fashion Forward" is a website that allows users to access ethical clothing options while learning more about Fast Fashion. This functional and accessible platform includes a map that provides location markers of various ethically sourced stores and donation spots. Additionally, the social component allows users to share their fashion finds, up-cycling ideas, and favorite outfits to cultivate a community of smart shoppers. And, best of all, as users shop and donate clothes, they gain points and rewards in the form of coupons and badges.

The problem we sought to address was the cyclic nature of Fast Fashion as users buy cheaply made clothing and create waste and economic problems in third world countries. We wanted to provide a platform where users can easily find alternative solutions to the problem while also donating clothes to the community.

This site also addresses the need for fashion inspiration from many people.

We addressed this by creating this website that presents alternative shopping options to users while educating and rewarding them.

While coding this website, we faced many challenges. At first, we struggled with using a Map API. We originally wanted to utilize OpenLayers due to its accessibility. However, the change in versions prevented us from using all the possible functions. Instead, we switched over to MapBox because of its built in markers and functions that correlated with our project.

Another challenge we faced was combining all of our code while creating a unified look for the website. To overcome this challenge, we used GitHub to combine our code and tried to use the same fonts and colors to create a consistent look.

"Love this app and its features. It is so creative."

"This is the next big thing!"

The creators and developers of “Fashion Forward” are Sanzida S,┬áJocelyn C, and Shannon M. We are three girls who learned how to code in Girls Who Code’s Summer Immersion Program and also have a passion for fashion. Through “Fashion Forward”, we hope to alleviate the detrimental effects of Fast Fashion.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Kate Spade.