A website where people can communicate about different fandoms.

Alexandra H, Lia W, Emma J, and Paisley C

FandomFox is a forum website where people can come and chat about their favorite fandom. Each fandom has its own unique page with a description of the fandom. Then there is a corresponding forum where people can leave threads about that fandom.

Teens cannot seem to find an outlet for all the ideas and thoughts they have about something or someone that they love. They also can't find a way for other people to hear their thoughts and excitements. There are not enough places for people who are a part of a fandom, and in turn, some individuals skid of the path of their self identification.

We addressed the problem by creating a forum website with different fandoms so people can chat about their group.

The back-end work was difficult, since Django was the basis of it and Django is complicated. It had to be redone and meticulously worked but was eventually accomplished with the help of our members, our teachers and other women at Turner ATL.

Alexandra Hamilton is a 16 year old rising Junior at Lithonia High School that loves being a Unicorn and expressing her creativity.

Emma Jackson is a 17 year old rising Senior at Decatur High School that loves robotics and Harry Potter.

Lia Walker is a 17 year old rising Senior at Lithonia High School that loves science and animals.

Paisley Cass is a 17 year old rising Senior at Pebblebrook High School that loves imitating Miranda Sings and cats.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Turner ATL.