It was good before, but let's make it better.

TajaneƩ B, Trinity G, Jada M

We decided to combine fashion and tech to emphasize the importance of upcycling and get more females into tech. Our project focuses on fashion construction, LED lights, and website construction.

People constantly throw out clothes and don't get the full use out of it. Upcycling takes old clothing and items and revamps them for more use. Also, since there are not enough females in tech, this can show girls that you can combine tech with anything.

We upcycled our own clothing and attached LED lights to it to take our clothes to the next level. On our website, we provide links to upcycling resources, fashion inspos, and tech inspos.

Our entire code stopped working at one point and we had to look over our entire long code to find a mini error that was made because we didn't close a line.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AppNexus.