Find the "ExtraOrdinary" in Everyone

Aleena R, Elisa J, Michelle K, Eileen L, Alyssa M, Bobo T

"ExtraOrdinary" was designed to advocate, support, and provide resources for people with special needs in communities across America. We also aim to combat the common, yet false, stereotypes and assumptions about people with disabilities and encourage peer interaction. We hope that our website will help raise awareness for special needs.

In schools all across America, there are roughly 6.7 million students receiving special needs education. And, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 1 in 5 Americans have a disability.

In our society, people with special needs are met with stereotypes and assumptions. We believe they are not getting the acknowledgement, respect, and support they deserve, and want to help provide a solution to that issue.

We decided to create a website and a built-in Scratch game to inform others about people with special needs. Features of our website include a page to inform people about common special needs as well as a Resources page that includes organizations for support, tips, ways of interacting, and job sites for people with disabilities. The game is targeted to kids and teenagers to simulate a day in the life of someone with autism or down syndrome. It takes the user on different story paths depending on where they choose to venture.

One problem we faced was working with GitHub. If we didn’t note what element of the website we were working on and when, there could be catastrophic results, and we had our fair share of troubles from miscommunications. To overcome this challenge, all we needed to do was communicate with each other. Checking in every hour easily solved this problem.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Synchrony (CHI).