Space adventure with puzzles and random situations.

Berkeley T., Liliana B., Cassondra T., Caitlin E., Aracely B.

An side-scrolling, adventure/puzzle game about a girl who finds her cake stolen. In order to go find it she heads outside of her house where she is then abducted by aliens. Upon boarding the ship she meets a friendly alien, and together they have to find a way out the spaceship. For many of the locks the aliens on the ship use puzzles because they believe their species is to be quite intelligent.

Games are getting easier, and almost too easy. Comparing to games in the past, they were quite difficult and harder to finish which is why they were so popular! We need more games that will challenge the brain, and exercise it while having a fun time.

We created a game that has a story-line to become immersed in the world, and for entertainment purposes, but we also include challenging puzzles in order to stimulate the brain.

In a small part of our first puzzle we have a cupcake the points in the direction of the character. What the problem was we did not know how to make it a conditional in order to unlock the next scene in our game! We tried everything and looking up different ways to title the problem, but it didn't work. We finally asked our teacher, and they were able to fix it in a few minutes. Apparently our script was similar to Java.

"I think this is crazy how you guys were able to make all this in two weeks!"

We all decided to create a game because we all enjoy playing different games in our free time, and want introduce something that has artistic value. Since we all share a love of games we wanted to make what was our ideal game for the sake of fun. We love puzzle games and adventure games so we thought if we put them together it would be successful, and we ended up being really proud of what we made. We all wanted to challenge ourselves by using a language we know that many small gaming companies use which is C#. We had not learned about C# in our program, but we thought learning it in that environment was better then learning it on our own. We had fun making this game and hope this game is fun for everyone else.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at at the USC Marshall School of Business.