Helping newcomers to Austin find restaurants and activities.

Kendall W, Emma O, Carmen H

exploreAustin is a website that gives information about the food and activities around the Austin area, including the price range and some of our personal favorites. We hope our website will increase knowledge and enjoyment of the city for tourists and newcomers to Austin.

People who are unfamiliar with Austin, such as tourists and people who recently moved here, do not know where to eat and what activities to take part in.

We created a fun, user-friendly website that will increase knowledge and enjoyment of Austin for tourists and newcomers.

- After researching restaurants and activities, we didn't know how how we should display the countless activities and restaurants without lots of unnecessary typing. Our solution was to type all of the information once, into a spreadsheet, and then convert the spreadsheet into code.

-While constructing the slideshow for the opening page, we couldn't get text of the same color to show up against the background of different pictures, so we put the text against a semi-transparent rectangle.

Hi! Our names are Kendall, Emma, and Carmen. We wanted to create a fun website about our city. We all come from different locations and schools, but we came together to learn computer science and create this project. 🙂

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AT&T (Austin).