Breaking the mental health stigma.

Mia C, Nadia A, Blain E, Huda M

"Eunoia" gives users a platform to break the stigma surrounding mental health issues. It educates people on the most common mental illnesses, self care techniques, and has forums to open the conversation to the public.

Mental illnesses and mental disorders are one of the leading causes of poor health across the world. Treatments are available, but nearly 2/3 of people with a known mental disorder do not seek help from a health professional. The mental illness stigma has led people to believe that people with mental illnesses are dangerous, crazy, or dumb. Stereotypes and prejudices have taught us to believe that people with mental illnesses do not fit into society, they are not normal, and that the illness is their fault.

We are addressing the problem by providing users with information about some very common mental illnesses. We included a Self-Care page in which we address the different types of self-care, the importance of self-care, and ways in which people can incorporate self-care into their daily lives. Lastly, we created a page called Breaking the Stigma, that addresses our main goal of ending the stigma around mental illnesses. We discussed topics like rejecting the stereotype, learning and educating oneself about mental health issues, treating all illnesses equally, and supporting those who have experienced mental health issues.

A technical problem we faced was getting the forums to work. We overcame it by communicating with each other, researching ways to solve the problem, and asking our mentors for help. After a few days, we were able to get them up and running!

"'Eunoia' brings light to important issues that many people face and are afraid to talk about."

Mia is a rising junior at California High School in San Ramon, CA, Nadia is a rising senior at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale, CA, Blain is a rising junior at Arroyo High School in San Lorenzo, CA, and Huda is a rising junior at K-12 Online High School in San Mateo, CA.

They joined Girls Who Code to further explore their passion for computer science and are very grateful for the opportunity.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Amazon (Bay Area).