Be Your Own Hero.

Amaiyah W, Jennifer P, Lesli P, Ashley S

"ESCAPE" is a community for people like us who are tired of being afraid, tired of being the victim of abuse, or just tired of feeling powerless against any potential aggressor. At "ESCAPE", we provide our users with self-defense techniques that they can use in various situations.

How many people can honestly say that you've felt 100% safe walking down unpredictable city streets? It's not uncommon to feel unsteady when traveling alone.

But, do you know why people feel this way? It’s because most people know that if they were faced with any physical assault, they wouldn't be able to effectively defend themselves.

Data shows that assaults in NYC alone have been increasing at a steady rate, and this will only continue to get worse. This is where our website, "ESCAPE" comes into the equation.

On our website, we offer external links to self-defense hotlines, classes, and technology. All of this is offered with the hope that one day, if you happen to find yourself in a vulnerable position, you’ll be able to "ESCAPE". Why be a victim of fear? Be your own hero!

We faced many technical problems during the creation of this website. There were times when the code would be working fine one minute, then we'd refresh our page and the whole thing would look totally different. It was quite easy to get discouraged; however, we never lost hope. We wanted to prove to ourselves that we could code a website using advanced programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and that was exactly what we did.

"Self-defense is important to everyone; this concept and website is important!"

“ESCAPE” was made by 4 girls who find the art of self-defense to be an important one.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at JPMorgan Chase (NYC).