Spreading awareness about the Earth's environmental problems.

Sophia C, Adina C, Michelle L, Angelina L, Nancy N, Katelyn Y

We created EOS, our environmental awareness website, to spread awareness about the Earth's environmental problems to the uninformed and distanced public. For better or worse, every person plays an integral part in our environment, and we wanted to make a website that would help in many different ways, from facts and stats to donations and volunteering. The environment affects every aspect of our lives, either directly or indirectly, from increased cases of asthma due to air pollution to decreased performance of the economy because of damage to property, infrastructure, and mass migration.

The world is facing a multitude of problems, some of which are global warming, pollution, waste disposal, and climate change. We believe that every person, among the seven billion people inhabiting the Earth, can and will make an impact.

Our website helps the uninformed and often distanced public to learn about these problems and help in one website.

Putting everything together into a collective website was the hardest part of our final project, and we had to overcome it with hard work and asking for help.

"Wow, you did so much in so little time!"

This is an environmental awareness site that Angelina, Sophia, Adina, Nancy, Michelle, and Katelyn, six Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students, created for their final project.

Our vision is to spread awareness of our Earth’s health to the public that does not recognize the severity that any issues of the environment have on all aspects of our lives. Help us in our movement to lift the blight plaguing our earth, oceans, and skies.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Intuit.