The strength of the people. The power of the team.

Istabraq D., Gabriella F.M., Danielle G., Chelsea L., and Samantha S.

Because of social norms, there are not a lot of safe environments for people to express their feelings in. We believe that everyone is our market. We want to reach out to different corners of the world so they can learn more and be aware about the issues that are going on today. We want our users to empower each other by creating a support system through our forum.

There are a lot of issues currently going on in our society, ranging from racial discrimination to climate change. Some of these topics can be controversial and hard to talk about with others. Before starting this project we wanted to create an inclusive platform where people can learn about an issue and have meaningful discussions with other passionate individuals about important problems in our society.

Our solution is the EMPOWER website. The website features 8 communities: LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter, Feminism, International Issues, Poverty, Animal Rights, Environmental Protection, and Disability Rights. Each of the 8 websites have similar setups. They feature organizations that support the cause, interesting facts about the community, Twitter feeds of trending hashtags related to the topic, a map of local events and community centers, and a forum unique to the community for users to connect with one another and share their experiences.

Our home page is unique because it features the timelines for Empower’s own Twitter and Facebook accounts. The timelines for each account are constantly being updated and are shown on the page. The home page also has a link to an “About the Team” page which displays our journey of learning to code with Girls Who Code. There is also a section that has a little bit of information about ourselves with pictures where we all show off our custom EMPOWER tees. The idea of custom tees led us to the way that we will monetize the site. The revenue of our shop page will go straight to the local organizations that correlate with the hashtags shown on the back of the shirts. In the future we plan on improving the Merchandise page so that the users can click a button on the page and buy their tees.

We faced challenges at the start of the final project process because we didn’t know what we were capable of finishing in the allotted time we were given. This resulted in a lot of scheduling issues when trying to plan out our daily goals. As we began working on the project, we learned that we were capable of doing much more than we originally thought. We ended up being able to complete what was once our reach goal in the first two days of working on the project. Overall, we overcame this obstacle by filling in the time and adding more communities towards the end of coding due to the extra working periods. We also had difficulty debugging certain API formatting problems, such as size and linking them to our website, but would eventually figure out our mistakes by reviewing our work.

"It is a very innovative website that changes the way people view certain issues"

We are all from the GWC at Twitter SF, and loved every minute of the Summer Immersion Program! Istabraq is a senior from Ohio, Gabi and Chelsea are juniors from California, Danielle is a junior from Florida,  and Sam is a Senior from California.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Twitter (San Francisco).