Project that helps student efficiently manage their time and increases awareness of health and well-being.

Saasha Mane, Harshitha Arul Murugan

Emitime is a time management and self help tool for students that builds them realistic schedules to help accomplish their tasks while allocating periods of time for breaks. We also wanted to incorporate a self-help aspect into our project to increase awareness and importance of well-being and health among students. Our project is split into 3 sections - time, tips, and take care. The time section features a calendar and a To-Do list that incorporates breaks into your schedule. The tips section features healthy meal ideas to improve well-being, the take care section allows you to think about your emotions and provides tips on how to cope with them in the best and healthiest way.

Many students fall victim to procrastination, and self-health and well-being isn't a priority among them.

Our tool helps them by dually building a schedule for an allocated period of time and encouraging them to take care of themselves and be mindful of their well-being.

An issue we faced was connecting the backend and frontend of our To-Do list algorithm featured in the Time section.

We wanted to help students like us manage their time wisely and realistically, so we built this website to consolidate features of a planner and To-Do list while also increasing awareness of the importance of one’s own well-being and health.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at GoDaddy Bay Area.